Abseloot Quben, a musical house group who based in Vereeniging who consists of three members being SK, Syd’K and Nqebs. They have not yet worked with any major artists but they hope to one day work with esteemed artists such as Eltonnick, Da Capo, The Layabouts, N’Dinga Gaba, just to name a few.

The guys have released two EP's; "The Journey" - which featured Webstar Black on, Love Tales, a deep house joint which tell a story of love about a newly wed couple on their wedding day celebration. The entire project was well made and featured a number of gems and potential dance hits, and "Changes of Life" - which featured various work compiled by all three members at that time.

The group has since focused on their own work away from music but they still have some hidden gems that will be released to the public. Their music is available on all major digital platforms.